Winnipeg Free Press - June 7th

Unofficial Mad Men Cookbook

WITH AMC’s hit program Mad Men wrapping up its fourth season on June 10, this unofficial cooking blog by Judy Gelman and Peter Zheutlin based on the TV show may give you some ideas if you are trying to recreate the food and drinks the characters consume. Along with documenting the meals and beverages that were part of the culture, the blog and subsequent cookbook also touch on some of the restaurants and bars that appear in the ’60s-set show about ad executives in New York.


DAYTROTTER has been a favourite for music fans on the web for a few years now. Featuring live, off-the-floor recordings of a wide range of acts, the site just uploaded its 2,000th session with Glen Campbell, who performs several hits, including Wichita Lineman and Rhinestone Cowboy.

The site started out free, but you can pay a $20 membership, which gets you premium live stream of the unique sessions and downloads of the performances. If you don’t feel like paying, you can stream from the website or from their mobile app. Some of the acts you’ll find in the archive include Bon Iver, Wilco, J. Mascis, Beach House, Counting Crows and many, many more.


IF you’re like most people, you have a to-do list for your house that’s as long as your arm. It can be tough to keep track of all the projects you want to tackle, repairs you want to make and things that need attention around your house.

BrightNest is a new web app that helps you get organized and even keep track of your manuals, paint colours and other important info. Your “homefolio” brings everything into a central space and may help you get rid of those old filing cabinets filling up your office, get your maintenance schedules set up and bring all your project ideas into one spot. BrightNest will even offer up tips and suggestions to make your to-do list seem way less daunting.

The app isn’t just for homeowners; you can set reminders for everything from cleaning your cooktop to painting your spare room.

For a free service, BrightNest has the potential to save you some serious money if you just spend a bit of time to enter your info. Nobody wants to replace their roof just because they forgot to do some basic checks every year.


SUMMER is all about big blockbuster movies, and this interactive game called Movieland lets you watch previews, answer trivia about upcoming features and see how much you know about some of the films heading for the big screen this year.

One huge downside is that you require a Facebook account in order win any of the prizes. While many people are active users of the social network, there are still some holdouts who would rather not sign up for Mark Zuckerberg’s online community.

You have until Sept. 7 to try out the interactive online game.